What rules are there?

CE does not have too many hard and fast rules but there are some important things to be aware of.

In return for CE volunteers’ help, hosts provide 3 adequate meals a day and clean, dry accommodation.

Outside of this we leave it up to CE volunteers and hosts to negotiate.

The main aim of CE is to get people working together and learning from one another, to encourage sustainable living practices as well as an exchange of cultures.

The details of a CE exchange, such as hours worked, days off, length of stay etc need to be discussed when the CE volunteer initially contacts the host.

Each party needs to make their expectations clear and agree on the terms of stay before the CE volunteer arrives on the property. This avoids disappointment, embarrassment and uncomfortable situations arising.

It is also important for hosts and CE volunteers to email or chat on the phone about the type of environment they live in and jobs to be done etc in order to determine the members suitability to each situation

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